Project Overview

(from Confidence series, episode 17)
by Ali Ettehad

1001 Evenings: The 4th evening

curated by Ali Ettehad
co-curator: Nima Zaghian


31st of May, 8-9 pm
Markove Café, Qasr Museum, Motahari St. Tehran

In the fourth week I held a performance named “preface”. This performance was a part of my ongoing series “confidence series”. In this performance
I used to sit on a chair facing the wall. I wore a robe which looked like what ancient Persians used to wear about 1000 years ago. I had a music instrument in my hand. To be particular I had a “Taar” which is a string instrument. During this one hour performance I try to tune the instrument, but I can’t. In some moments the instrument seems to be tuned and I can play a piece, but it doesn’t last long; the instrument becomes tuneless again. In this performance I put myself in the position of the history of Middle East, my country Iran in particular. In this geographic area, I believe people always blame “the other” for their unsuccessfulness; while the question is :
do we really know how to play the instrument we have?
The performer is seated backwards to audience, inconsiderate of how many of those might have known how to play the Taar. He keeps on tuning it, while it might have been his fault and not the instrument’s that it is not get tuned.

Project Details

Date : 31st of May 2013, 8-9 pm

Client : Ali Ettehad

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Project URL : Preface

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