Project Overview


An interactive performance art by Nima Dehghani


1001 EVENINGS: Part three

Curated by Ali Ettehad


Qasr Museum of Tehran

24 May 2013, 8-10 pm


The third week we held a performance by Nima Dehghani; in which he challenged the historic memory of Iranians. There were two door-phones on each sides of a portable glass wall. People could pick up the phones and talk to each other. There were two men looking like clowns that were listening to people’s conversation, taking notes; and at the end of the conversation led them to the artist who were sitting at a table.
The artist would ask them to repeat their conversation or talk about anything they like and think they might forget in the future. He would record their voice in order to send it to them every six months via email. None of this was obligatory of course.

Project Details

Date : 24 May 2013, 8-10 pm

Client : Nima Dehghani

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