Babylon Library

Project Overview

“Babylon Library”
A performance art by Nikoo Tarkhani
1001 EVENINGS: The 7th evening
Curated by Ali Ettehad

5th of July 2013
Marcov cafe, Qasr Museum of Tehran
In the seventh week we held a performance by Nikoo Tarkhani named “Babylon library”. This piece was fully based on the history of thinking. There was a big round table in the middle of the café full of different books by different writers: Nietzsche, Cervantes, Auster, Joyce, etc. as well as Iranian thinkers, poems and writers like Beizai, Najdi, shamloo and etc.
There were four performers around the table trying to dialog with each other only through books. Each performer was allowed to read something from the books, a sentence or a phrase. The others were allowed to answer him/her but only through books. Each of the performers who wanted to answer must have raised their hands and the former performer would have picked one and allow him/her by nodding his/her head. The audience could join them as well.
They could try to make dialog with the performers but only those who read something from the books would get an answer from the performers. The rule is the rule: no words out of the books! Not even a hello! The performers highlight the parts their read by a pencil and also mark the parts that audience read. The result of this conversation was supposed to be published later.

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Date : 5th of July 2013

Client : Nikoo Tarkhani

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