Direct Negotiation

Project Overview

Direct Negotiation
An interactive Performance by Mohsen Gorji
with Saied Ravanbakhsh andf Abdolhamid Pazouki (painters)


1001 EVENINGS: The first evening
Curated by Ali Ettehad


Markov Café, Qasr Museum, Tehran, Iran
Friday- 10th May 2013, 8-9 pm

The first evening was a performance art by Mohsen Gorji based on painting. He sets a transparent plate in the middle of a table to paint. The whole work designed like a game. He invites two well-known painters to sit against each-other and paint. There were 8 colors and each painter had the chance to use any color once, then the other painter could use it.
They were supposed to dialog with each other through colors. When all the eight colors were used by both painters the performance is over. The title of Gorji’s work is “Direct Negotiation” and it was about dialog, collaboration and perhaps self-centerness.

Project Details

Date : Friday- 10th May 2013

Client : Mohsen Gorji

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