Face Job Tehran

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Face Job Tehran
A Performance Art by Gerald Rossbacher
1001 EVENINGS: The 10th evening
Curated by Ali Ettehad
Tehran Art

In our media world we are surrounded by sugarcoated images of people and delivered an ideal of beauty, whose promises the depicted bodies can only keep by utilizing technical and medical aid.
With appropriate dedication, once these ideals where to achieve, but today even the most disciplined model cannot shape herself enough, to do justice to her reflection in a fashion magazine. With technical and medical aids, such as push-ups and various aesthetic operations, we can try to come close to the ideals transported by media. In real life we fail, because we cannot adjust our body to these ideals using software. We are a monster.

Project Details

Date : 13 sep 2014

Client : Ali Ettehad

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Project URL : Face Job Tehran

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