Order of things

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Order of things
(Chapter one: terms and angles)
by Nima Zaghian

1001 EVENINGS: The 5th evening
Curated by Ali Ettehad

21st of June 2013
Marcov cafe, Qasr Museum of Tehran
In the fifth week we had a performance by Nima Zaghian who played a
self-made ritual in front of the audience. He wore a golden mask, while he had three black boxes in front of him. There were four other boxes among the audience. He repeatedly takes a stone out of one box and a piece of paper out of the other. He enfolds each stone in a paper and tears up a piece from his mask and give it to one of the audience. There is an image on each paper, the image of an angle. These images are taken from the angles that we see in Persian traditional painting. From the third box he takes out a grail full of golden color and writes an unreadable word on the glass wall of the café each time. None of the audience opened their presents; if they did they would have seen that there was a letter to them telling them that which of the four remaining boxes is theirs to take.

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Date : 21st of June 2013

Client : Nima Zaghian

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